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JULY 8, 2002
Page 802 chemical abstracts 2-mammalian hormones vol. 137, N0 .1, 2002
137: 806q
The study on anty - early pregnancy of compound Safflower and the espression of lectin receptors the surface of endometrial epithelial cell in hamster
Ma,Baohua; Zhao,Wei; Wang,zhemin; Han,tao (Laboratory of Morphology, medical college of Shandong University, Shandong Traditional-Chinese-medicine Research institute,Jinan,250014;Dept,ofPrescription,Shandongtraditional-Chinese-Medical University, Jinan,250014) Jinan, P eop. Rep. China 250012;
shengzhi yu biyuan 2001,21(4)

In order to study on anti early-pregnant of compound safflower ,
the mated female hamster were given the compound safflower, orally in dose of 10.5g / kg / d on 4th. day of gestation and were observed the change of lectin receptor of the urface of the endometrial epithelial cell. The sections were stained with ConA, PNA and UEA. these lectins were as probes explore the lectin receptor on the surface of the endo-metrium. The result showed that the stainning intensity for ConA in experimental group was significantly higher than that of controls and that the stainning reaction was weaken for PNA and UEA. These suggest that the close relation beween the effect of compound afflower on anti- early pregnant and the changes of ectin receptor on the surface of the endometrial epithelial cell. After 10th days fertility of the treated hamsters were recovered .

ISSN :0009-2258

AUGUST 17, 1998
chemical abstracts 1-pharmacology vol. 129, N0 .7, 1998 Page 64
The study of compound-Chinese drug on the inhibition of anty-early pregnancy
Ma,Baohua; Ji, liming; Bing, lujun;tan, bo Zhang, baohua; Wang, zhemin; (Department, of Histology and Embryology Shandong Medical University, Jinan, P eop. Rep. China 250012; Shandong yike daxue xuebao 1997,35(4)300-3003(ch ) shandong yike daxue
The mated hamsters were given the compd. Chinese-drug (CO-CHD)to study its effect on anty early-pregnant. The roles of anty early pregnant effect could be 100% effective if the CO-CHD was given recovered on the 10th day after durg stop. The disappearance of epithelial cilia and the increase of mitochondria and ribosome in endometrium could be seen by electron microscope. The staining intensity for the lectin receptors of ConA, PNA and UEN on the endometrium of expt. group were significantly higher than that of controls. The FSH, LH, E2, and progestogen concns. in serum of expt. group showed no difference with that of control group by RIA. The histopathol. and micronucleus expts. showed no difference between expt. and control group 1 and 6 after successive CO-CHD treatments. The results suggest that CO-CHD has an obvious inhibitory effect on the early development of embryos , and it shows no affect on the genito-endocrinium. CO-CHD has no toxicity on animals and its roles in anti early pregnant effect were reversible.


Fig. 1 the treated : lectin-receptor weak positive reaction with UEN and can be seen bleeding (x 200)
Fig. 2 the treated : lectin-receptor weak positive reaction with ConA (x 200)
Fig. 3 the treate: bleeding in the lumen of the uterus with H&E .
Fig.4 the treated : the irregularity of epithelium and the disappearance of uterine gland and can be seen bleeding of sub-epithelium with H&E