Teaching book of the New a course
¡¶Experiment of Morphology¡·
(used for profession of clinical medicine
stomatology and nursing )

With the reformation of teaching education, a comprehensive course¡¶Experiment morphology¡·have been offered in the Shandong University medical school , which to try and change the present situation of a little getting to work of the medical students in the morphological laboratory, probe a new mode of teaching education, and to foster the student' ability of creativity thinking. It is a duty of the teacher of higher medical university and college to guide the student' latent capacity.
It is'nt inborn that the capacity of creativity thinking, and it can form by training. The basic teaching limits and teaching depth of the acourse is stipulated in this teaching programme. About "the purpose and require "of teaching programme that the master, familiar and understand of contend is provided in the every chapter.

Author's with the chapter in the teaching book :
Ma Bao Hua (Shandong university medical school )
Jiang Hong xin (Weifang medical college)
Chen Ting (Ji ning medical college
Wang Shu Ying (Shandong agricultural university)
Yang Yong ping (He ze medical technical school)
Li Wei (Mount Tai medical college)
Yin YanJun (Binzhou medical college)
Long Yue Zhou (Mount Tai medical college)
Zhao Wei Shandong university medical school)
Sun Xiu Li (Jining medical college)
Wu Hon Juan (Weifang medical college)
Zhang Ting Guo (medical school of Shandong university)
Wang Zun Zhe (Weifang medical college)
Zhang Yan (Binzhou medical college)
Zeng Xian Zhou (Qingdao university medical school)
Ma Jin Tao (Linyi medical technical school)
Zhao Heng Mei (Qingdao university medical school of)
Luan Shi Qin (Shandong university medical school)

Capter 1. Introduction
Section 1. the development and content of morphological experiment ---0.5
Section 2. the feature , purpose and require of morphological experiment---0.5

Capter 2. about the design-summary of morphological experiment
Section 1. the experiment design content and feature---0.5
Section 2. the experiment basic essential factor---0.5
Section 3. the experiment basic principle---0.5

Capter 3. about the experiment paper design and writer
Section 1. the basic feature and require of experiment paper---0.5
Section 2. the basic feature and require of experiment paper---0.5
Section 3. the writer method and move of experiment paper---0.5

Capter 4. about the instrument-using and technical method of morphological experiment
Section 1. the instrument-using and technical-method on the fixed section---1.5
Section 2. the using of histochemistry and cytochemistry---1
Section 3. about the instrument-using and method of the tissue or cell culture---1
Section 4. the technical-method of electron-microscopy and the section---1.5
Section 5. the polymerase chain reaction ,PCR--- 1
Section 6. the technical analyse of cell image survey--- 1

Capter 5. about laboratory animal using and select of morphological experiment
Section 1. the kinds and select of laboratory animal---1.5
Section 2. the basic method on laboratory animal---1

Capter 6. experimental teaching courses of experiment morphology
Circulatory system
Section 1. observation of the capillary of morphological experiment--- 1.5
digestive system
Section2. observation of the epithelium'cytochemistry of oral cavity of morphological experiment---1
Section 3. observation of hepatic cell of morphological experimen--- 1.5
Respiratory system
Section 4. about the movement of cilia of epithelium---1
Section 5. the change of the lung after pressing pulmonary vein---1.5
Section 6. the change of the lung after poisoning to pulmonary oedema--- 1
Urinary system
Section 7. the mould of kidney lacking blood of morphological experiment---1.5
Section 8. the change of the renal tubule of morphological experiment---1.5
Bone and skin
Section 9. the forming of the fiber bone scar of morphological experiment---1.5
Section 10. observation of healing by first intention of skin wounded---1.5
Reproductive system
Section 11. about the inhibition spermatozoon movement experiment---1.5
Nerve system
Section 12. the change of the cerebrum of morphological experiment---1.5
Section 13. the change of the cerebellum of morphological experiment---1.5
Section 14. the change of the spinal ganglion and satellite cell of morphological experiment---1.5
Section 15. observation of the change of midbrain of morphological experiment---1.5
Section 16. the change of the membrane appearance'structure of morphological experiment---1.5
Section 17. observation of preembryonic period of morphological experiment---1.5
Section 18. observation of the placenta of morphological experiment---1.5
Capter7. about design creativity experiment programme ---2.0
sum up class hour -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 38