Introduction of Morphological Laboratory

The morphological Laboratory is one of the important multiple-teaching laboratory of in the Shangdong University medical school . The lab have 582m2 and has been located at the No.5 teaching building of western area of Shangdong University in 1999.
All the workers of morphological Laboratory make up 7 persons (one of the director, two of secretary) and The professional position are:

Ma bao-hua professor (master-teacher)
Yuhui technician
Duan de-gang technician
Zhang qing-li technician
Kangmin assistant technician
Lian rui-qing teching assistant in part-time
Gu xian-min teching assistant in part-time

. The morphological Laboratory offers 4 kinds of course, which includ subject of Histology and Embryology, Pathology, Parasitology and Morphological-experiment for the students of 5,6,7 length of schooling of SDU and foreign students.
The morphological Laboratory undertakes teaching task of 8 profession , such as the medical, the public health, the(oral cavity) stomatological, the nurse,college of pharmacy,international education college,the continual ducation, and the college of network. 3749 students who are trained by the morphological Laboratory strictly and regularly.
The Lab had seted up 3kinds of controlling room in which the teachers train students by mul-mediem ,digital-network micro-mutual classrooms and TV-microscopes. The teaching communications carry out to the every room in the lab. At the same time the Lab supplies four kinds of lessons for different students. The Lab owns three controlling of mul-mediem ,digital-network micro-mutual classrooms and TV-microscope, 240 Olympus and Nikon microscopes that make in Japan, 3 slicers making in Germany, the machine of purificating water making in France, the Heraeus CO2-cultivated-box, the auto-centrifuge with freezing, the systemof Olympus micro-photography making in Japan, and the dehydrational machine for tissues and so on.
To cultivating students' capacity of practicing operation and awearness of bringing forth new ideas, the morphological Laboratory organizes and compiles book-text with << the morphological experiment >> by 18 teschers of 9 universities. The book-text with << the morphological experiment >> is used by the students of 6,7 length of schooling of all the province. The teaching contents on morphological experimence reduces the projectors of performance and demonstration gradually, and increases the projectors of practicing operation. The course is the first createing all the nation. The course has opened up for the students of Shangdong University medical school in Oct. 2002.
The morphological Laboratory organizes and sets up the teaching association about the high education of morphological experimence in Oct. 2000. The association includes 28 universities or colleges. Pro. Mabao-hua who laboratory's Director takes charge of chairperson of the association and Zhao-wei who high technician takes charge of secretary-general of the association. The association organizes and carries out academic activities about teaching of morphological experimence at the part's universities or colleges of all the province.